Christopher O'Neill Fine Furniture

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I am a craftsman who has been designing and making custom hardwood furniture in Winston Salem for twenty-two years.  I sold specialty and occasional tables out of the Urban Artware Gallery in downtown Winston Salem until its recent closure.  Now I do only commissioned pieces from my shop.

I work almost exclusively in hardwoods:  cherry,  maple and walnut are most often my choices but any commercially available hardwood could be used.  The joinery is generally mortise and tenon with occasional dovetail or half laps  or other quality joinery as the piece requires.  I opt for the most enduring option as my intent is to create heirloom pieces with design and construction techniques geared to that end.

By dealing directly with me you are able to get exactly the piece design you desire, using the wood you prefer, built to a size that fits your space.  You get gallery quality furniture at non-gallery prices.

I do not charge for consultations or estimates.  Please contact me for further information or to set up an appointment by email at [email protected]